Welcome to Bible study at 10.00 AM Divine service at 11.15 AM every Saturday in Akersgata 74, entrance from Thor Olsens gate (street), towards the North in the center of Oslo. Click here for a map.


Betel Seventh-day Adventist Church is the oldest Seventh-day Adventist Church in Norway, founded in 1879.
Betel – A House of Prayer for All Nations!


Bible study at 10.00 AM and divine service at 11.15 AM every Sabbath (Saturday):

The sermons in Betel are either held in Norwegian with English translation available (on our brand new translation system!), or they are held in English with live translation into Norwegian from the pulpit.

23.12. Bible Study: «Justification by Faith Alone: Pauls letter to the Romans, part 12 of 13». Christmas service by Nanna-Lise & David Havstein. Rice porridge is served after the service.

30.12. Bible Study: «Justification by Faith Alone: Pauls letter to the Romans, part 13 of 13». Jonas Edvardsen. The Lord’s Supper / Holy Communion.


The Ethiopian Group is meeting in Betel every Sabbath at 2 PM– 4 PM. Please contact Molalign Hailu for more information, telephone 911 10 106 or e-mail.

Servicio Sabatico en Espanol. Los primeros dos sabados de cada mes a las dos de la tarde 14.00. Favor contactar al pastor Jorge Alberto Bastos Orozco al tlf. 92665198 para mas detalles e información.

Sabias que puedes cargar gratis la leccion Sabatica directamente de Internet. Esta es la direccion:


Escucha el programa del la Voz de la Esperanza en la página web de AR.


English speaking Sabbath School following the quarterly in the room over the Sanctuary, next to the gallery.

There is also an English Sabbath School class not following the quarterly, by Ms Lillian Correa, in «Herrebadet», entrance from the street, next to the church entrance. The topic is currently «Ecclesiastes». If you have any questions or comments regarding this class, please write to Ms Lillian Correa. Everybody is welcome!


You can find the quarterly and the current lesson in English here or here.

Following the quarterly, the fourth quarter of 2017 our Bible study is: Justification by faith: Paul’s letter to the Romans

The Bible study can also found here in English.

You can find an overview of past and future Sabbath School lessons 2016- 2022 here

You can now download the newest Meeting plan for the East Norway Union Conference (Østnorsk distrikt) here (PDF-file).

The Activity Calendar of the Norwegian Union Conference
is available on internet.



Friday evening meetings in Betel

Every Friday evening at 7.00 PM we meet together in Herrebadet.



The Childrens’ Sabbath school has its own webpage (both in Norwegian and English) and we also have a webpage about what we can offer the children (sorry, this one is only in Norwegian).


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